Making Possible, Possible

Client: JUMA


JUMA is a nonprofit social enterprise that strives to break the cycle of poverty by paving the way to work, education, and financial capability for youth across America. JUMA believes in the power of work and in the potential of young people— focusing on low-income transition-aged youth (ages 16-24), who are at risk of disconnection from school and work. JUMA’s goal is to teach them how to earn a paycheck, learn to manage their money and gain essential skills like responsibility, teamwork and how to communicate in the workplace— ultimately, connecting them to their next job and setting the youth on a path towards a career.



Although JUMA had grown from a job-training and placement program (founded in 1980’s) serving a handful of youth and into a comprehensive, award-winning, national youth development program, considered one of the nation’s premier social enterprise programs— JUMA was losing it’s excitement and freshness amongst it’s potential donor audience.



We sought to reinvigorate the brand by developing a bold campaign that refreshed JUMA’s brand image and refocused it’s purpose. The Making Possible, Possible campaign was born from an insight that for those who grow up in poverty, in situations without role models or even neighbors to show them a better path, JUMA can be the difference— giving youth, the dream of being able to dream, the hope that a real future is possible.



  • >37 million impressions
  • +1K employed from under-served communities (New Milestone)
  • $3.9 M in social enterprise revenue earned
  • $1.6M in youth wages



Sean DallasKidd, Executive Creative Director

Tom Hasenfratz, Sr. Copywriter

Joy Ohler, Sr. Art Director

Karlie Chung, Jr. Art Director

Robert Willett, Producer

Remy Wainfeld, Senior Account Supervisor

Cody Picken, Photography




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